Custom Oral Appliances in Belmont, MA

You can purchase one-size-fits-all and boil-and-bite mouthguards and nightguards online or in stores, but they’re simply not the same as getting a custom-fit guard from your dentist. Not only do we fabricate mouthguards to fit your teeth and mouth precisely, the material we use is of a higher quality than boil-and-bite versions. The result is protection that you’ll actually wear.

Mouth Guard

Custom Mouthguards

If you or your child participates in sports, it’s important to have a custom mouthguard to protect the teeth and jaw from injury. Mouthguards are especially important for patients with orthodontic braces. We take an impression of your teeth, then create a device fitted to your mouth for a more comfortable fit, easier breathing, and better protection. Preventing injury is much more budget-friendly than repairing the damage caused by facial trauma. Let us worry about your teeth while you worry about scoring!

Mouth Guard

Custom Nightguards

Do you wake up in the morning with sore cheeks or an aching jaw? Have you ever been told that you grind or clench your teeth? It’s a common problem with a simple solution: a custom nightguard. Teeth clenching and grinding most often happens while you sleep and nightguards act as a physical barrier to keep you from teeth grinding and protect your teeth from becoming worn down or fractured. Because teeth clenching and grinding often cause pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), nightguards can also be used as a treatment option for TMJ disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mouthguards and Nightguards

Do nightguards really work?
Night guards physically prevent teeth from grinding together, so they are an effective treatment for teeth grinding and jaw clenching. As far as TMJ disorder is concerned, nightguards work for TMJ pain that is related to teeth grinding and jaw clenching. That said, not all TMJ pain comes from grinding and clenching—it can also be due to joint injury or arthritis, in which case a nightguard may be less effective. We will evaluate the source of your TMJ pain before recommending a nightguard for treatment.

Are nightguards safe?
Yes, nightguards are absolutely safe. They fit securely onto your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out while you sleep.

Can nightguards ruin your teeth?
No—just the opposite! Night guards protect your teeth from the damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding. Patients who grind their teeth may have worn-down tooth surfaces (teeth with a uniformly flat appearance), chips, and fractures.

How long do mouthguards last?
Mouthguards can last up to five years, but since children’s teeth are growing and changing, they often have a shorter lifespan. Bring your mouthguard to your six-month dental visits so we can evaluate how it fits. A mouthguard that doesn’t fit properly isn’t giving you the protection you need.

How does a sports mouthguard work?
Sports mouthguards create a layer of cushioning between the outside of your face and your teeth and jaw. Should you fall or receive a blow to the face, this cushioning absorbs the impact to protect you from injury.